Namaste ! Thank you very much for visiting this website - one of the most curated and niche marketplaces of authentic and genuine artisanal Indian Products and Fabrics. 

India is a country where being natural comes naturally ! It is still the most basic lifestyle in both urban and in our rural villages. People have better immunity, health and are in peace with themselves. India is a land where diversities really teach you if you are open to absorbing and learning.


Extending these natural living practices to products and fabrics that are made with fair practices and which bear little to no harm on the environment was one of our major goals and the core idea behind creating this online store. A long nurtured inclination of developing and using aspects of Traditional Indian Folk Art in our everyday lives joined hands with our eco sensibilities, thus forming our special products for you. 

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It would be our earnest rendezvous provide you only with the highest quality products.  We will always strive for your happiness and satisfaction as our client. Looking forward to being of service to you.